Sunday, 23 April 2017

Band tee and flares

Happy Sunday dolls! 

This week I am rocking out one of the old classic band T-Shirts and a pair of white flares but making the outfit more glam instead of casual.

I love a pair of culottes, you can either wear them on a night out with some heels or just on a casual day out with trainers. This outfit is something I'd 100% wear on a night out or for a fancy meal/drinks. I think the new trend with the band tees is so cool as you can wear them with anything and they will always look fab.

The accessories I have put with this outfit are my rose gold strappy heels and my white clutch bag with cute little sparkly flowers on it. This for me just makes the outfit way more dressy and makes the colours on the T-Shirt stand out!

If you want to find out where these items are from there are links below to take you to them!


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