Monday, 28 August 2017

Daily skin care

Hey guys, happy bank holiday weekend! 

I thought today I'd share my favourite skin care products that I use everyday on here to change it up a bit. I know I mainly focus on just fashion but thought it would be nice to share my love for other things on here too such as beauty/skincare! 

This has got to be one of the best things I have ever brought when it comes to skin care! This is the Clinique Take The day Off Cleansing Balm. I know this is already very popular but it honestly works a dream. 
When you take your makeup off using this you don't even need to use a lot of it as the formula is very oily so it spreads across your whole face with just one scoop. Once applied it gradually breaks down all the layers of makeup and then I just use some makeup wipes or warm water to scrub it off. 

This combo is another one of my holy grails! After I've showered or after I have removed my makeup I use the L'Oreal Micellar water with some cotton pads. This is really vital for me to use as it actually removes even more makeup after using my cleansing balm. I always used to just use makeup wipes to take my face off but this isn't a great idea as there is always so much left over makeup clogged up in your pores that you can't see. I usually continue using cotton pads with this until I see no more makeup rub off onto the pad.

I even use this micellar water after I shower in the morning even if I haven't worn makeup as it gets right in the pores of my skin and removes any impurities that may build up overnight.

Straight after applying this I use the L'Oreal Fine Flowers Toner, this has rose water in it which is meant to be really good for your skin so I tend to always use this combo together. Both of these products are for dry and sensitive skin as that's what I tend to suffer with but in Boots/Superdrug etc they offer different ones for oily/combination skin :) 

I use a variety of different moisturisers from different brands depending on how I am feeling but this one is my fave at the moment.

It's only a small tub but it's very smooth and makes my skin feel very light and silky. I always apply a moisturiser after I've used the L'Oreal combination.

This Garnier body lotion is actually unreal it smells so yummy and is so hydrating for my skin. Again this one is for dry and sensitive but I know Garnier offer different types of this for all skin types! 

I've only started using this recently and already I know its something I'll be buying again in the future. This is a serum from Benefit and I use this all over my face, it gives a really nice smooth finish and makes my skin feel fresh and plump. It's also amazing because it's for all skin types so I'd highly recommend this for anyone who loves a bit of skin care like me!

Hope you guys who read this weeks blog have enjoyed it as I know its something a little different.. stay tuned for my next one and if your interested in buying/looking into any of these products I've linked them below :)

Love Molly x 


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