Monday, 7 August 2017

Swimwear faves

Hey huns! I've been wanting to do a swimwear blog for ages so here it is. 

I took so many bikinis/swimsuits on holiday and ended up wearing these 5 for the majority of my holiday. The yellow one and the bright purple one are both from Bahimi, which is one of my top websites for buying bikinis! They have the most amazing colour range and styles, I'll link their website below if you'd like to have a look. They were also really well made and comfortable, they are a little more expensive compared to other bikinis but totally worth the money if your looking for a long lasting & beautifully made bikini!

I feel like every girl needs a white or black bikini on their holidays as the colours always make your tan pop! Mine are from Forever21 and ASOS. They were super cheap as well so if your not looking to spend a lot of money on a bikini these two are your best bet! (will also link these below)

I also then took a few swimsuits with me, they obviously aren't great for tanning but they look nice in the day time if you wear them with some denim shorts. I wore one of mine one day as it was cloudy so I sat in the shade. Or if I had a day time activity I'd wear one. 
I did take a few more with me but didn't get pictures in them so will link them below and also link some similar if they are no longer in stock.


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