Sunday, 11 March 2018

Happy 1 Year!

It's been 1 whole year today since I started this blog... Time flies!
It's one of the best decisions I've made doing this, not only do I enjoy it but its honestly helped me grow as a person and given me so much more confidence. If you'd asked me to do this 2 years ago I would of said no chance! But for someone who is fashion obsessed like myself this is the perfect little hobby for me!

I used to really worry about what people thought of me at first but I've now realised none of that even matters, life is short. If you ever want to start a blog on Fashion, Beauty, Life style or even Food - DO IT. 
I never would of been able to even start this without Kieran.. (the boyfriend) I am SO bad with technology and he's the one who actually made my website and forced me to do this as well as my amazing family of course! I am very lucky.

I've not been as consistent as I would of liked, but thats life... I try to do a blog post whenever I get time. The weather in England is also crap so I know in spring/summer I'll be doing a lot more when the weather is actually decent!

There are so many amazing blogs & bloggers out there that have become very successful. I wont lie, I'd love for one day that to be the case for me! Who doesn't? But for now I'm happy just doing my thing and sharing my love for all things fashion on my little website and on Instagram. 

This weeks outfit is RETRO. This zip up top is from Pretty Little Thing, I think it looks so cool with jeans and trainers. I've also worn my red quilted jacket to match the red and black theme. 

I've linked all items I'm wearing below if you'd like to purchase:


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